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Slip-ons are a group of footwear that are flat and do not operate by laces. Loafers are a popular footwear of the same category. In American culture, loafers are quite popular owing to their classic, elegant and flexible nature. Loafer was initially developed by a London company in 1847. It was built for the royal family as a casual home shoe. Initially, they were purely used as casual shoes. Still, later on, due to their inclusion in American business women's outfits and suits, it has become a popular choice in today's age. Loafers for women are versatile and come in varied shapes and designs, with or without additional decorations, colours, and other features. The timeless appeal of loafers makes it suitable for any location and occasion. In this blog, let us understand the wonders of loafers and the comprehensive types of loafers that can be styled according to the occasion.

Classic Casual Loafers: Everyday Elegance

Loafers shine­ as a top pick for day-to-day wear. Are you headed to a gathe­ring, eating out, or just doing groceries? Loafe­rs are perfect! The­y boost your looks, and they're easy on your fe­et. They won't tire you out, e­ven if you keep the­m on for hours. Loafers are a style statement. So you would obviously want to pair it with an outfit that exposes loafers, and it becomes the centre of attraction for your outfit.

For instance, you can pair loafers with cropped slim fit or wide pants, which will enhance your ankle, as the ankle is the slimmest part of your body. This can provide an overall slimming appeal to your outfit.

Skinny jeans are a revolution when it comes to casual dressing. These are the essence of comfort and style integrated, and they will suit and blend into any occasion. A loafer is a conventional choice of footwear for any occasion. Skinny jeans and loafers, both will blend and are a flawless combination for any casual occasion.

Office Elegance: Loafers at Work

Any office outfit has very few major criteria; it needs to be minimal, elegant, classy and not too over the top. And voila! Loafers shoes fit in every category! You can pair up classic loafers with any office outfit like white button shirts and trousers. Loafers look the best with chiffon shirts and will impart a chic professional look.

Additionally, loafers also look good with a mid-length coat or a long blazer. This combination screams confidence and will cast a self-assuring aura of an intellectual and wise woman. So this pairing should be any working woman's bossy outfit. Plus, it also makes you feel cosy and comfortable, so it is a win-win situation.

Seasonal Styles: Loafers for All-Weather

Winter is extremely hard on the wardrobes. With minimal clothing options to wear and the need to feel warm in every outfit, it becomes tiring to dress up and move outside the house. But with professional and personal commitments, leaving the cosy blanket is necessary, and so you look for options of outfits that will give you the same blanket feel outside the home. Loafer shoes possess a common notion and seem like summer wear or season wear. But don't worry; if you are worrying about how to wear loafers women, you can carry the summer loafer into the winter season with our styling tips.

December is the season that is as cold as ice, but fortunately, it is also the season of the party; with Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year around the corner, everyone is in the social butterfly phase. So it would be best if you piled up some dresses for the occasion so that you can enjoy the party season with ease. Here are our tips on how to wear loafers. and to ace the party season with a chic and fashionable look.

Your go-to loafer shoes for winter should be tassel loafers. With elegant colours like classic black loafer’s women shoes, cognac, and vibrant texture, it will make you stand out at the party. A good pair of full-sleeved mid-length coats or a hoodie will match perfectly with loafers. You can also choose from comprehensive varieties like leaning loafers, ballet loafers, and moccasin loafers. If you feel too cold, you can also wear loafers with a pair of plain, good-quality woollen socks.

Conclusion: Step Out in Style with Loafer Confidence

Loafers shoes are adaptable, versatile and a timeless all round purchase that will intensify your outfit and enhance the beauty of your body. It is an all-season budget-friendly purchase and can be paired up for any occasion, be it office, date, party, or shopping. The sheer combination of comfort and class is what makes loafer shoes the perfect footwear in your wardrobe. If you are looking for loafers for women, then reroute- sugar loafers should be at the top of your preference.

Reroute is a brand that redefines the way footwear is made with positive effects on the environment and a variety of options for classy shoes for consumers. We produce renewable products by using carbon-negative materials to produce comfortable, durable shoes, thereby reducing environmental waste.

As the name suggests, there is a major use of sugarcane in our shoes. Sugarcane plants are good at absorbing carbon dioxide, which ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The other major material used in our classy shoe wear is recyclable plastic bottles. These bottles are knitted into durable, all-season, and washable shoes that are breathable and moist and provide optimum comfort to your feet without causing any damage to your feet' skin.

Our shoes contain a high level of Merino wool and are used as a dominant component due to increased antimicrobial characteristics. This wool is also naturally antibacterial, so it embraces a soft and fluffy texture to put on the shoes, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. Our loafers are made from superior materials and considering how important it is to maintain them, we recommend directing daily attention to their care and cleaning. By doing so; you can enjoy the elegance and style of our shoes for years to come.

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