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The world is inspired by the buzzword ‘upcycling’ these days- that pioneering idea of turning the materials people throw out into something fresh and functional. Upcycling is not only about recycling used things, after all; it is a breathtaking commentary on sustainability and sensible consumption.

Today, we’re delving into Reroute, a company that is putting a fresh spin on upcycling by turning plastic waste into stylish and sustainable footwear. If this seems impossible, you’re not alone, so get ready for something unique!

Reroute: A Mission-Driven Footwear Brand

Reroute is an aspiration sustainable footwear line. Their dream is to reform the footwear industry by relieving the planet and its ocean of plastic. They envision a romantic future in which fashion and the planet’s health are compatible, where style doesn't come at the cost of a burdened environment. But before we explore their innovative approach, let's face the elephant in the room – plastic waste.

The Drowning in Plastic: A Global Crisis

Annually, millions of tons of plastic are thrown into landfills and our precious ecosystems. This plastic pollution damages not only our terrains but also our endangered wildlife. The statistics are truly terrifying: a 2020 report claimed that we produce around 380 million tonnes of plastic per year. This plastic waste will take hundreds of years to degrade, transforming into microplastics that poison our foods and bodies of water. The consequences are disastrous for all forms of life from little marine animals to human species.

Upcycling: A Ray of Hope

In the face of this plastic plight lies upcycling as a glimmer of hope.

Upcycling isn't just recycling, it gives new purpose to old stuff. In recycling, materials are broken down and respire into new materials. However, upcycling keeps the material’s original shape or form but serves a new purpose. This not only saves the need for virgin materials, many of which are required to make lots of environmental footprints but also keeps more trash out of landfills, creating added vertical responsibility. Upcycling revitalizes discarded resources and encourages the circular economy, which turns waste into a useful resource.

Reroute’s Process: From Plastic Waste to Stylish Shoes

Reroute leverages discarded plastic bottles, a primary contributor to plastic pollution, to create comfortable and stylish reroute shoes. Reroute begins its creative process by gathering bottles made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). To make sure that only premium materials are used, the collected recycled plastic is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The plastic bottles are then torn into tiny, confetti-like flakes. These tiny flakes are then melted down to form a plastic liquid. Once the molten plastic is created, it is extruded and spun into yarn, which is used to design Reroute’s creative footwear.

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Design that Doesn’t Compromise: Sustainable Style

Reroute doesn’t compromise on style. They realize that environmentally conscious and visually appealing sustainable fashion is essential. To be sustainable, customers shouldn't have to give up style. Their design team ensures that their sustainable footwear is both fashionable and functional by implementing the newest trends into the footwear. Reroute shoes are suitable for all; be it casual styles, sports trends, or street styles. Our shoes come in a variety of shades and designs making them must-haves for every wardrobe. Their approach doesn’t only bring out the beauty of the design but also creates awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion.

Reroute’s Environmental Impact

First, Reroute reduces the environmental impact of producing footwear by using plastic waste. Many producers rely on virgin materials, and in the case of footwear, these materials have a high environmental cost. Deforestation, habitat elimination, and, erosion are just examples of what the extraction process can do. In addition, the manufacturing process is high in terms of energy usage and releases greenhouse gases that cause climate change. In contrast, Reroute’s use of waste virtually eliminates virgin material usage. Further, it also uses less energy because of the innovation, making it more environmentally friendly compared to using virgin materials. Therefore, Reroute shoes are not only affordable and fashionable but also have environmental benefits.

Walk the Talk: Supporting Sustainable Fashion

Reroute stands as a benchmark for the power of innovation in tackling a major environmental concern. They are setting an example for other businesses in this industry to strive towards a more sustainable future. By supporting companies like Reroute, we can make mindful choices toward sustainable fashion and a cleaner planet. We can make the conscious decision to actively engage in a sustainable fashion while simultaneously helping to clean up our planet by supporting more companies like Reroute. By opting for Reroute shoes, you are not only buying a fashionable pair of shoes, You buy the future. Take a sustainable step. Make our planet a better place to live!

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