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The fashion industry is relentlessly moving towards sustainable material alternatives addressing climate change and pollution concerns. Women always have that desire to be the fashionista, and if it is coupled with sustainability then it's a complete solution. Enter eco-friendly women's loafers, the perfect companions for globetrotters seeking comfort without compromising the planet. This blog explores the essence of eco-friendly loafers, showcasing the best options for women who are both fashion-forward and environmentally conscious.

What are Eco-Friendly Loafers?

Focusing on minimizing environmental adverse impact, and choosing an eco-friendly material are the two pillars to make eco-friendly loafers. This includes the sourcing of materials, manufacturing processes, and the shoe's overall lifecycle. Sustainable footwear often incorporates recycled or upcycled materials, uses environmentally friendly dyes, and embraces ethical labor practices.

Best Eco-Friendly Women's Loafers for Travel

Reroute We're a material science company crafting premium lifestyle products for women who care about the planet. Our eco-friendly loafers are more than fashion – they're a statement of conscious living. Join our community of changemakers dedicated to a greener tomorrow. With cutting-edge materials, we redefine fashion with a focus on social good. Make every step count at Reroute – where fashion is eco-friendly and the future is brighter. Step into a world where your choices make a positive impact.

Some of the best of our loafers for you are as below:

  1. Sugar Loafers

Sugar Loafers by Reroute are your stylish eco-friendly companions! Designed for women who prioritize both fashion and sustainability, our Sugar Loafers embody the essence of conscious living. Made from cutting-edge materials developed by our material science experts, these loafers are more than just a fashion statement – they're a commitment to a greener tomorrow. Step into a world where style meets sustainability with Sugar Loafers by Reroute.

Sugar Loafer Avocado Green

Below are the Reroute sugar loafers colour choices you can choose from:

Women’s Loafers for Travel

Allbirds Tree Breezers:

Allbirds has gained a reputation for its commitment to sustainability, and the Tree Breezers are no exception. These are made from eucalyptus tree fibre.

Rothy's The Loafer:

Rothy's is renowned for transforming recycled plastic bottles into stylish footwear. The Loafer by Rothy's is a testament to their dedication to sustainability. These loafers, available in an array of colours, are machine washable and feature a durable, flexible sole. Perfect for travel, Rothy's Loafers are a chic option for environmentally conscious women who refuse to compromise on style.

TOMS Jutti Flats:

TOMS has long been associated with a one-for-one giving model, but their commitment to ethical practices extends to their materials as well. The Jutti Flats, with their pointed toe and textured upper, are made with eco-friendly materials, including recycled polyester and a rubber outsole derived from recycled content. Comfortable and versatile, they're a fantastic choice for the eco-conscious traveller.

Veja V-12 B-Mesh Sneakers:

While not traditional loafers, the Veja V-12 B-Mesh Sneakers are a stylish and sustainable alternative. Crafted with B-Mesh, a material made from recycled plastic bottles, and featuring a sole made from wild rubber, these sneakers embody Veja's commitment to ecological practices. With their retro-inspired design, they bring a touch of nostalgia to your travel wardrobe.

Everlane The Modern Loafer:

Everlane is synonymous with transparent pricing and ethical manufacturing, and The Modern Loafer is a prime example. Made from 100% Italian leather and designed with a timeless silhouette, these loafers are a versatile addition to any travel wardrobe. Everlane's commitment to radical transparency ensures that every aspect of production is scrutinized for sustainability.

How to Choose the Best Eco-Friendly Loafers for Travel


Loafer made from sustainable material should be your go-to choice, just like Reroute Sugar loafers for Women. Brands that prioritize recycled or upcycled materials in their production process contribute to reducing the environmental impact of shoe manufacturing.

Manufacturing Practices:

Research the brand's manufacturing practices. Companies that emphasize ethical labour practices and prioritize environmentally friendly production methods are more likely to offer eco-friendly loafers. Certifications like Fair Trade or B Corp can be indicative of a brand's commitment to responsible practices.

Durability and Versatility:

Opt for loafers that are not only sustainable but also durable and versatile. Shoes that can withstand the rigours of travel and complement various outfits will have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Carbon Footprint:

Consider the carbon footprint of the shoes. Some brands provide information on the environmental impact of their products, including carbon emissions. Choosing loafers with a lower carbon footprint contributes to a more sustainable fashion choice.

End-of-Life Considerations:

Evaluate the end-of-life considerations for the loafers. Shoes that can be easily recycled or repurposed reduce the environmental burden associated with disposal. Some brands actively encourage customers to return old shoes for recycling, closing the loop on the product lifecycle.


As the world embraces sustainable practices, eco-friendly women's loafers have emerged as a stylish solution for the modern traveller. With brands prioritizing environmentally conscious materials and ethical manufacturing, women can now step into the world with footwear that aligns with their values. From Allbirds' Tree Breezers to Rothy's The Loafer, the options are diverse, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Choosing the best eco-friendly loafers for travel involves thoughtful consideration of materials, manufacturing practices, durability, and the overall environmental impact. By making informed choices, women can not only enjoy fashionable and comfortable footwear but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious fashion industry.

In the journey towards a greener future, every step matters. With the right pair of eco-friendly loafers, women can tread lightly, leaving a positive impact on the planet without compromising on style or comfort.

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