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The formula of modernity should be defined asthe fusion of sustainability and style, aka Sugar Loafers. At Reroute, we believe every stride taken should reflect both environmental mindfulness and refined taste. A fun tidbit about our Sugar Loafers: A pair of shoesiscrafted from 11.4 recycled single-use plastic bottles. Isn’t this renewably amazing! This doesn’t end here; the manufacturing process of the material used in making soles reportedly leads to a net decrease of 3.09 kilograms from the atmosphere.So this makes our beloved loafers the sweetest, healthiest, and most stylish footwear out there. While these eco-friendly attributes are to live for, the color range is to die for. 

Show-Stopping Shades for Sizzling Summer

There is always a perception in our heads of eco-friendly by products being lackluster and basic. But our Sugar Loafer defies that notion with its stylish and sophisticated vibes. And with this, it also bashes the stigma of fashionable not being comfortable. These recyclable plastic loafers exude elegance while placing utmost emphasis on comfort and durability. These shoes ensure they maintain the same exceptional quality as traditional footwear while delivering equal levels of comfort and longevity. From sunshine saffron to navy blue to avocado green, every hue looks stunning with any outfit on any occasion. Checkout our vibrant palette to keep up with the spirits of shimmering summer:

  1. Step into the Spotlight with Raspberry Pink
Sugar Loafers Raspberry Pink

Indulge in the passion, love, and sweetness of raspberry pink sugar loafers. Our sugar loafers in bright shades add vibrancy to any outfit, providing an elegantly sleek touch. Our prime focus on durability and comfort inspires you to adorn the loafers all day long. These loafers let you slay every stride with ease while strolling the city streets!

  1. Avocado Green Glamour
Avocado Green Women's Loafers

The lush hue of avocado green adds a touch of natural elegance to any ensemble, while the design ensures all-day comfort. Sway with confidence, knowing that each stride supports sustainability. Endorse the notion of the green planet with greener loafers.

  1. Sunshine Saffron Charm

Inspired by the golden glow of sun-kissed mornings, our Sunshine Saffron Sugar Loafers can never go wrong on sunny days. Let it be office days, beach festivities, or beautiful ceremonies; these loafers can brighten your days with their timeless allure and eco-conscious charm.

  1. Make a statement with Navy Blue

These Navy Blue Sugar Loafers evoke a sense of calm and confidence. Enjoy the cool undertone in the blazing summer. Embrace the sophisticated and clean look with utmost comfort and durability. These loafers definitely support the thought of midnights being more beautiful than daylight!

Stylist’s Corner: Style your Best!

  1. Formal Days

Long office days in heels? Nah. Sugar Loafers has so much more to offer than the painful heels. Style the waistcoat-trouser duo, co-ord sets, blazers, and pencil skirts with navy blue, raspberry pink, or black Sugar Loafers and enjoy comfort while flaunting this stylish loafer for the whole day.

  1. Cozy Days

Enjoy beach days, garden picnics, and friendly gatherings by pairing our saffron and avocado green loafers with loose-fitted jeans, jumpsuits, shorts, and skirts for a fun and quirky look. Don’t stress about shoelaces and twirl around in comfy footwear. Add a delicate anklet to enhance the look.

  1. Celebratory Days

Curious about how our Sugar Loafers go with traditional or club looks? Fear not! Our meticulously curated palette ensures they seamlessly complement any attire. Pairing a vibrant kurti with the loafers can elevate your outfit to new heights, while opting for a maxi dress paired with loafers adds a delightful blend of comfort and style.

Customer Darlings

Discover the beloved favorites of our customers, which are sure to capture your heart too! Cornflower Blue, Black, and Raspberry Pink have won everyone’s hearts again and again. The shoppers highlight the comfort they enjoy while wearing Sugar Loafers for the whole day. They love the fine finish and consider these women loafers as one of their sexiest footwear. But what truly sets Sugar Loafers apart is their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, a feature that fills our customers with pride as they effortlessly style their favorite pairs.


Experience Reroute's sugar loafers: adaptable, timeless, and eco-friendly. Crafted from renewable, carbon-negative materials, our shoes feature Merino wool for unparalleled comfort. With proper care, enjoy elegant style and environmental consciousness for years to come.

Reject mere beauty. Embrace comfort, sustainability, and our beloved planet alongside scoring highest in fashion. Choose Sugar Loafers. Choose Revolution.

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